We can appreciate that this may be your first time working with an HCM, PEO & Payroll Broker. We understand that you may have questions. To help, here are the answers to questions we most frequently encounter, that have not been addressed elsewhere on our website.

If I work with PayThrive, will I have to pay you when I choose a service provider (how do you get paid)?

PayThrive normally does not charge the client, as we get paid directly by the service providers for your business. The only exception is if the client requires a more involved multiple month / extended on-site meeting engagement schedule with several service providers (if meetings are all done remotely as online meetings, this would not apply). If so, the fee would be a “contingent refundable deposit” – returned if the client chose to move forward with one of our providers or retained by PayThrive if not. An Engagement Letter may be presented to the client at the inception of this kind of process.

Once I choose to work with a service provider introduced by PayThrive, how does customer service work?

Once a client chooses a service provider that PayThrive has introduced, PayThrive would assist during implementation per the guidelines of that service provider (all have different procedures for implementation). But during implementation, PayThrive would soon step out of the way and allow the service provider to take ownership of the process as they normally would. This is the same kind of hand-off that occurs when a salesperson lets their service department take over their client’s onboarding process. Once implementation is complete, the client would have a normal one-on-one relationship with the service provider. PayThrive will stay in touch with the client, to make sure they are well taken care of.

If I’m already talking with a service provider, can PayThrive take ownership if they also work with this provider?

Usually not. This can be a delicate situation. The reason: If you’re talking with a service provider about services and pricing, you are most likely talking with a salesperson. PayThrive wants to maintain strong relationships with all of the service providers we independently represent. We don’t wish to take an opportunity away from a salesperson at one of our service providers and negate the time they have invested in working with you so far. This also can be an issue if a prospective PayThrive client does not disclose that they’ve already begun talking with one of our service providers, prior to contacting us. If this occurs, we will work with the service provider to determine who was the first to engage the prospective client – and if this is not PayThrive, we will step aside.

Will PayThrive evaluate an HCM, PEO or payroll service they do not currently represent, upon request?

PayThrive is always evaluating the marketplace. We are constantly looking for best of breed and best in class service providers that either provide a specific solution geared for a specific industry or that provide a compelling broad solution that strongly addresses the needs of most businesses, respectively. Sometimes PayThrive may look into working with a service provider they do not yet have a relationship with, based on the recommendation of a prospective client. But this would most likely only occur if PayThrive felt that this provider would also be a compelling option for other clients as well. PayThrive does not research service providers on a per-fee basis, or outside the normal PayThrive business model (i.e. where there is no possibility of an ongoing client-service provider relationship).

Can PayThrive manage our Request for Proposal (RFP) process?

PayThrive can manage some RFP processes, on a case by case basis and per a brief analysis. This would be determined based on the scope and duration of the project, the industry of the client, the time of year and how many service providers were to be involved. If managing an RFP, PayThrive would collect an upfront, nonrefundable fee, the level of which depending on whether 1) the RFP process involved only PayThrive service providers 2) the RFP process involved some PayThrive service providers or 3) the RFP process involved no PayThrive service providers. If the client chose a service provider that PayThrive did represent, PayThrive would stay engaged with the client and provide support upon the client’s request if needed, via the normal PayThrive business model. If the client chose a service provider that PayThrive did not represent, this would not obligate PayThrive to begin representing this service provider and PayThrive would also not get involved if the client were to experience service issues with that service provider, as PayThrive would have no relationship to use as leverage.

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