Getting Started With PayThrive

Always feel free to call us directly at (720) 815-5500 or toll free at (844) 244-9480. In addition, we have two primary methods of getting the conversation started:

Method 1

Schedule Initial Consultation Call

For clients who want a detailed start to the conversation, a phone or Zoom call works best. During this call we’ll discuss XYZ and how to move forward. This method serves any business looking for payroll, HCM services, and is the required starting point for PEO services.

Method 2

Submit Payroll / HCM Questionnaire

For clients who are short on time and need a provider solution faster, please fill out and submit our questionnaire. This allows us to start searching for the right providers with a basic understanding of your business. This method is only an option for businesses in need of payroll or HCM solutions.