Our Brand Promise

  • Flexibility

    We work with over 20 service providers, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your business.
  • Guidance

    We serve as your communication guide through the selection process, managing provider introductions, calls, and software demos.
  • Accountability

    After you start working with your selected provider, we keep them accountable through regular communication & follow up.
  • Freedom

    By providing options and unbiased guidance, our model affords your business the greatest level of freedom.

Our Story

PayThrive Founder & President John Bacon was born and raised in the Detroit area, moving to Colorado in 2004. John worked briefly in the voluntary / supplemental benefits space and was a group health insurance broker for a time. John then became an independent sales representative in the payroll / HCM industry in September of 2006, forming his own consulting company. He also consulted in merchant services during this time. John worked as a 1099 for a few different service providers before officially becoming a broker. Being independent and a business owner gave him a unique perspective in this industry, as most industry sales professionals were employee or ‘captive’ salespeople.

But as time went on, John experienced the same frustration that his clients and employee salespeople faced in the payroll / HCM industry. It was tough to predict long-term performance of a payroll service provider, big or small – and when things go wrong with payroll and HCM services, the resulting stress and dysfunction can bring a business to its knees – and often at the worst possible time. Professional salespeople in the industry would work to help their clients mitigate this dysfunction and obtain some level of resolution with this provider. But the fix was often out of reach. The efforts of this salesperson to help clients achieve resolution of service failures would often only delay the inevitable.

Our Story Continued

The problems causing the issues for the payroll / HCM client were in many cases too deeply embedded in the structure of the service provider’s business, or due to an individual in the business that could not be easily removed. And service provider dysfunction can only be mitigated for so long, even by the best salespeople. Eventually the end user’s patience is exhausted. The frustrated client would then leave to find a new payroll / HCM provider and begin a new relationship. As a result, much time & effort was wasted by the client and the salesperson both – only stress and costly business disruption were realized. An industry that already has its share of ugly anecdotes now would have even more heaped on the pile.

John felt it was time to disrupt dysfunction and empower the client with choices – to act as an independent trusted advisor or an “HCM, PEO & Payroll Broker”. He saw how this would allow greatly increased candor and greatly reduced conflict of interest – something entirely new to the payroll / HCM industry. John felt that small to medium sized businesses needed more options and better advice when it came to payroll & HCM consulting. He felt strongly that clients would greatly value this approach and see it as liberation. This was the genesis of the PayThrive business model. PayThrive was born, with Human Capital Gains, Realized.

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