The PayThrive Model

PayThrive is an independent broker of a multitude of Payroll, HCM, and PEO solutions and service providers. We’ve taken the time to vet and curate the best-in-class providers out there, helping you select the right fit. By acting as an objective, independent broker we’re able to “filter” the best options for your business and run interference between you and sales people, thereby making the selection process easier, smoother, and more efficient.

PayThrive’s business model was conceived as a solution to a challenging and sometimes dysfunctional payroll / HCM industry. Consistent employee turnover at the service provider, high pressure sales tactics, company mergers and acquisitions, as well as opportunistic “more than you need” service packages often leave the client company frustrated.  The client is left largely unsupported often sitting on hold, unable to accomplish payroll and far from realizing the ROI they were promised.

Our Services

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Human Capital Management (HCM) technology platforms, when properly deployed and supported by an HCM service organization, can truly transform a business.

Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Professional Employer Organizations or “PEO’s” represent the deepest level of client/provider service partnership available and can solve some fundamental problems that plague many small businesses.

Payroll Services

Payroll is the human resources “beating heart” of any business with employees. Solid payroll is the foundation for a productive workforce and a successful business.

Don’t Know Which Service You Need?

If you’re uncertain about which solution you need — HCM, PEO or Payroll — take our quick quiz to rank yourself into one of these three tiers of service. Of course, you can always call us at (844) 244-9480 and we can help you determine what solution is best for you.

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How it Works

Working with PayThrive is easy, fast, and effective. We start by gathering some information about your business and needs. Once we’ve discussed your needs and available marketplace options, we put together some top picks from our portfolio of companies. This objective approach allows us to truly fit you with the best solution. We have no bias towards any one service provider, and our facilitation of the process allows you to make the right choice while avoiding common challenges and frustrations inherent in the HCM industry.

  • CONNECT with PayThrive via the method you prefer
  • DISCUSS your needs & what’s available in the marketplace
  • ENGAGE providers most aligned with your needs

Who We Are

PayThrive founder John Bacon strives to disrupt dysfunction and empower the client with choices – to act as an independent trusted advisor or an “HCM, PEO & Payroll Broker”. He saw how this would allow greatly increased candor and greatly reduced conflict of interest – something entirely new to the payroll / HCM industry. John felt that small to medium sized businesses needed more options and better advice when it came to payroll & HCM consulting. He felt strongly that clients would greatly value this approach and see it as liberation. This was the genesis of the PayThrive business model. PayThrive was born, with Human Capital Gains, Realized.

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